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Michigan Slip & Fall Settlements

Michigan slip and fall lawsuit lawyer settlementsMichigan law states that the owner or possessor of property has a legal duty to make the premises reasonably safe for guests and business invitees. If you were the victim of a slip and fall injury on property you believe did not adhere to this Michigan law, you may be eligible to file a lawsuit against the property owner. 

Michigan Slip & Fall Settlements

Michigan slip and fall settlements provide compensation for people injured due to a dangerous conditions or defective premises.  The amount of your settlement depends on a number of factors, including:

  • Where did did the injury occur?  (private property, public property, or business)
  • What was the condition that caused the fall?
  • How long did the defective condition before the fall?
  • What injuries were suffered from the fall?
  • How much medical treatment was received for the injuries?
  • Will future medical treatment be needed?
  • How much are the medical bills and lost wages?

Our Michigan Slip & Fall Accident Lawyers

Our experienced Michigan slip and fall attorneys will get all of this information and evaluate your case.  Your choice of a lawyer can be the difference in receiving a substantial settlement or no settlement at all.

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