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Mechanical Bull Fall Results In Knee Injury Settlement

michigan mechanical bull lawsuit Our Michigan negligence lawyers recently settled a claim on behalf of an 18 year old young lady against the company which provided a mechanical bull for a party at our client’s high school in Grand Blanc, Michigan. The claim was for pain and suffering and economic damages that our client sustained arising out of injuries she suffered as a result of the negligent operator and maintenance of the mechanical bull attraction. 

Our client attended the party with her classmates and she took a ride on the mechanical bull attraction which set up in the high school gym.   Around the bull was a round and bounce floor for people to fall into so they would not be injured when falling off the bull.  Unfortunately, the seams were not properly joined on the bounce floor.  When our client was ejected from the bull, she fell into the seam which was not properly joined and her left knee went through the seam and smashed into the hard gym floor underneath. 

Our client’s injuries included a partial tear and grade 2 sprain of the ACL of her left knee. Treatment included physical therapy and an arthroscopy which revealed a dislocated left knee cap and necessitated additional sessions of physical therapy.

We filed a claim on behalf of our client against the company that provided the mechanical bull.  The claim was assigned to its liability insurance company.  Our attorney gathered the pertinent documentation, medical records and medical bills, and initiated a claim with the company that provided the mechanical bull.  After lengthy negotiations, the parties were amicably able to settle the claim for $59,000.00 before filing a lawsuit.

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