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Michigan Hip Dysplasia Medical Malpractice Settlement

Michigan Hip Dysplasia Medical Malpractice Settlement Our medical malpractice law firm recently settled a hip dysplasia lawsuit  against a pediatrician and her pediatric practice.  The patient was a first born, female, who was delivered in the breech position.   As a result, she was at the highest risk for developing a dislocated hip in utero. 

The child was seen regularly by the pediatrician during the first year of her life.  Due to negligence in performing the proper physical examinations, the infant’s hip dysplasia was not diagnosed until she was more than nine (9) months old.  As a result of the delayed diagnosis, she required surgery on her hip that would have otherwise been unnecessary.  She endured the painful surgery and rehabilitation, and has a significantly noticeable scar. 

The child may require additional surgeries in the future.  The lawsuit was settled for a confidential amount prior to trial.  The settlement included compensation for pain and suffering, disfigurement, and payment of medical expenses.

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