Michigan Governmental Liability Settlements

Our Michigan governmental liability lawyers have been obtaining significant settlements for people who have been injured significantly on government property, or due to the negligence of a governmental entity. Governments have a responsibility to ensure that citizens are reasonably safe when they legally using municipal property. Lawsuits often result from accidents that occur due to defective roadways and sidewalks, improper traffic signals and signs, or misbehavior by government workers. 

Our Michigan Governmental Liability Lawyers

Our experienced governmental liability lawsuit lawyers have been handling injury cases for people like you for decades. It is important to have a skilled attorney to prove the important parts of your case, and obtain a great settlement for your injuries. Often times, the attorney you choose can be the difference between a favorable settlement or no settlement at all.

If you or a loved one have been injured on government property, or as the result of government property, you may be able to file a lawsuit. Call our legal team today at (800) 606-1717 to speak with one of our top rated lawyers about your situation.

We will represent you under our No Fee Promise, which means you will not pay a dime unless we are able to recover a settlement for you. If your case is unsuccessful for any reason, you will not owe anything. There is absolutely nothing to lose so call our award winning attorneys today!