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Chicago Family Gets $17,500 from Iron Mountain Ski Resort

Case Type: Michigan Ski Instructor Liability

Settlement: $17,500

Plaintiff: Confidential
Defendant: Confidential
Case Number: 17-004577-NO
Judge: Patricia Perez Fresard
Location: Wayne County Circuit Court
Date of Settlement: January 15, 2017

Facts of the Case

On January 16, 2016, our client (7 years old at the time of the injury) was with her family on a ski trip to The Pine Mountain Resort in Iron Mountain, Michigan. Our clients had traveled to the resort from their home in Chicago, Illinois. Our client's parents signed her up for a ski lesson with a ski instructor employed by the resort. During the lesson, the ski instructor took our client on a run that was beyond our client's skill level. In addition, the ski run she was taken on was extremely icy. Our client lost control during the lesson and hit a tree. A lawsuit was filed against the resort for the negligence of the ski instructor. The ski resort was named directly on a theory of vicarious liability.

Types of Injuries and Harm Suffered

Our client sustained a fractured arm as a result of hitting the tree. She was treated for the fracture at a northern Michigan hospital. Her arm was casted as a result of the fracture. The fracture healed without any complications.

Other Types of Damages

  • Unpaid medical expenses

Legal Issues in the Case

  • Was the resort defendant liable for the negligence of its ski instructor?
  • Was there any comparative negligence on the part of our client?

What We Did To Win The Settlement

We conducted a full investigation of the incident. We obtained client's medical records from our client's treaters in Michigan and Illinois. We aggressively pursued resolution of this matter without the need for ongoing or protracted litigation. A lawsuit was filed and a settlement was negotiated.

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$17,500: Michigan Ski Instructor Liability