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Your Legal Rights After the Royal Oak Gas Explosion

Our Michigan gas explosion lawyers will undoubtedly be contacted over the next several weeks by victims of today's Royal Oak gas explosion.  Those who have been injured or suffered property damage from the explosion will want to know their legal rights to recover damages caused by the explosion.  Until the cause of the explosion is determined, the legal rights of those harmed today will be unknown.

In order to pursue a claim for damages suffered from the gas explosion in Royal Oak, there must first be a finding of fault or negligence.  This investigation can take weeks, or even months.  However, victims can start preserving their claims right now.  First, any person who was injured in the accident should get appropriate medical treatment for your injuries.  You should document your injuries and treatment in your own personal journal and take photographs of your injuries.  These will be helpful later for settlement purposes.

Second, anyone who suffered a property damage loss in the explosion should take photos and video of all of their damaged property.  You should also make your most detailed list of the property lost or damaged in the explosion.  If you can find any receipts for those damaged items, put them in a safe place.  These will all make for strong evidence later on.

Third, if you had homeowner's insurance or renter's insurance you should file a claim immediatel.  The insurance company investigator will visit the scene and collect his or her own evidence.  The are professionals at adjusting these claims and may find claims that you would have never discovered yourself.

Finally, you should contact our experienced gas explosion atttorneys to learn more about your legal rights.  We will start investigating your case immediately to make sure that you are compensated for all of your losses.  Call us now at (800) 606-1717 to speak with a lawyer.

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