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Wisdom Tooth Surgery Lawsuit Filed Against Oral Surgeon

A medical malpractice lawsuit ( was recently filed against an oral surgeon and anesthesiologist relating the death of a teenager during a wisdom tooth surgery procedure.  The teenage girl suffered complications during the procedure do to anesthesia and the oral surgeon and anesthesiologist failed to  take prompt and appropriate measures to prevent her death.  The lawsuit is currently pending in a Maryland court.

Every year in the United States, oral surgeons pull 10 million wisdom teeth every year.  This is a $3 billion a year business for oral surgeons and dentists.  Many dental professional believe that up to two-thirds of these extractions are unnecessary.  Wisdom tooth extractions are not without risk.  Like ever medical and dental procedure, there are risks for serious complications and side affects.

Complications for wisdom tooth surgery include anesthesia risks, TMJ or temoralmandibular joint dysfunction, injuries to nerves, damage to neighborng teeth, and serious infections.  Although there is some type of risk in every surgical procedure, many of these injuries are due to mistakess made by the oral surgeon and anesthesiologist.  In these circumstances, the injured patient may file a medical malpractice lawsuit against the negligent medical provider seeking compensation for pain and suffering, disfigurement, disability, and medical expenses.
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