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Walker Truck Accident

A Walker truck accident has left four people in the hospital.  The accident occurred on December 6, 2008 on Turner Avenue north of Nason Street when a northbound Calder City cab lost control and hit a southbound truck.  The occupants of the cab were hospitalized with serious injuries.  The occupants of the truck were hospitalized with minor injuries.

I am very sorry this accident occurred.  I hope everyone involved is able to have a complete and speedy recovery.

Michigan No Fault insurance will pay for all the hospital bills incurred because of this accident.  It will also pay for all reasonable and necessary follow up treatment arising out of this accident.  If the people involved have to miss work, they can also collect a portion of their lost wages.  Other benefits are available as the severity of the insured's injuries warrant.

Besides collecting No Fault benefits, the people not at fault may be able to sue the cab driver or the cab company for their injuries.  Whether they can file a lawsuit depends on how severe their injuries are and will vary on a case by case basis, so they should discuss their injuries with a lawyer.  Winning their lawsuit would require proving the cab driver was negligent.

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