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Vote For Judges On Michigan Supreme Court In 2010 Election - Michigan No-Fault Insurance Lawyer

As Michigan personal injury lawyers, we are contacted this time of year by family members, friends, clients, and colleagues with questions about who are the best judges to vote for in the upcoming election.  While most people have party loyalties and understand the issues in the general elections, they often have no idea on who to vote for in the judicial elections.  That is not surprising to us because it is really only lawyers who are familiar with the judges and their track records.

In the upcoming November 2nd Michigan 2010 election, you will be able to vote for two judges to sit on the Michigan Supreme Court.  Your choice of judges will have a profound effect on your legal rights for many decades to come, including the Michigan No-Fault laws.  We believe that the following judges are the best fit and the brightest legal minds to be on the Michigan Supreme Court.


Current Michigan Supreme Court Justice

Experienced - 21 years as a judge


Tough on crime

Fought for rights of families


Circuit Court Judge for 18 years

Longest serving woman judge in Oakland County


Tough on crime and drunk drivers

Tough on sex offenders


Remember, your "straight party" vote is not enough.  To vote for Justice Davis and Judge Denise Langford Morris, make sure that you vote all the way down to the non-partisan part of the ballot where judicial elections are located!

Your ability to choose your judges is one of the greatest rights that we have as a democracy.  We hope that you will take part in the election process by casting your votes.   Please pass this important information to your friends, family members, and colleagues as well.

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