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Video: Help Save Auto No Fault - Michigan No Fault Insurance Lawyer

Our Michigan car accident lawyers wanted to share a video on the importance of our Michigan no-fault auto law and what will happen if changes are made to the system. Two bills were introduced in the Michigan Senate, Senate Bill 292 and Senate Bill 294, that will forever change our Michigan No-Fault Law. Changes such as putting a cap on medical bill expenses/coverage, attendant care services, and nursing services would take place if these changes are made.

Auto no-fault is a short video where two victims of Michigan car accidents, Katie and Katlin, describe their traumatic experiences. Both girls were seriously injured in an accident and have had to go through serious rehabilitation and physical therapy.

Both Katie and Katlin explain how important the Michigan auto-no fault law had played in their life. Without the Michigan no-fault law, they would not have been able to afford all of the physical therapy and rehabilitation they needed to receive. If the no-fault law does change, all of the rehabilitation they will continue to need to get their life back will also be taken away.

Watch this video now and see how important it is to help in the fight to save our Michigan Auto No Fault! You can help by writing a letter to your State Representative and Senator. To find our who your State Senator is visit

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