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Vergennes Township Plow Truck Accident

Two students were injured in a Vergennes Township plow truck accident.  The students were trying to pull a van out of the snow when they were hit by a private plow truck north of Bailey Drive on Lincoln Lake Avenue on December 23, 2008.  They were injured, but their injuries were not life-threatening.

I am sorry this accident occurred.  Hopefully, these men make a full and quick recovery.

These men should submit a claim for No Fault insurance benefits.  No Fault insurance will cover all reasonable and necessary medical expenses arising from the accident, whether the expenses are incurred immediately or for follow-up treatment.  This benefit alone could save each of them thousands of dollars.  In addition, No Fault insurance will provide payments for lost wages, household replacement services, and other benefits.  If either of them are at all unsure of what benefits they can claim, they should contact a lawyer to help them.

If either of them are severely injured, they may be able to sue the driver of the plow truck for additional damages beyond what No Fault insurance will pay.  Michigan law only allows people with very serious injuries to file lawsuits for car accidents, so they should speak with a lawyer to determine whether their injuries would qualify them to sue.

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