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Van Buren Township Car Accident Lawyer Files Injury Lawsuit

Our Van Buren Township car accident lawyers recently filed a car accident lawsuit for a client in the Wayne County Circuit Court.  The case arises out of a rear-end motor vehicle accident that occurred in Van Buren Township on March 03, 2012.  The client was a driver of a vehicle that was that was struck in the rear by a negligent driver.  She suffered serious injuries in the accident.

Under Michigan law if you fail to keep an assured clear distance and strike another vehicle in the rear you are deemed guilty of negligence.  These specific laws include that the at fault driver involved in the rear end auto accident is negligent for:

  • In overtaking and striking the rear end of another vehicle proceeding in the same direction, in violation of M.L.C.A. Sec. 257.402 and making said defendant prima facie guilty of negligence.

In addition to these specific laws on rear-ending, there are other claims for general negligence that our auto accident attorneys use to prove and win a rear-ending accident case.

The accident lawsuit also includes an Uninsured Motorist claim against Auto-Owners Insurance Company.  It appears that the at fault driver did not have insurance; but fortunately our client had purchased uninsured (UM) benefits with her insurance company. Auto-Owners will step into the shoes of the at fault driver and will be required to provide insurance coverage to the client.

The client suffered an aggravation of her previous low back injury.  She has low back pain radiating upwards across her shoulders.  She has right sided pain and numbness and burning.  She missed three months of work and continues to receive aquatic therapy.

The car accident lawsuit seeks damages for her pain and suffering and disability arising from the auto accident.   Under Michigan law, lawsuits car accidents in Van Buren Township must be filed at the Wayne County Circuit Court in Detroit, Michigan.  No trial date has been set by the court.

For more information about your rights after a Michigan rear end auto accident, call our office now at (800) 606-1717 to speak with an experienced Van Buren Township car accident lawyer.  We will start working on your case immediately gathering all the evidence and witness statements to prove and win your case.

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