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Unum Auto Insurance | Worst Insurance Company | Deny Claims | Michigan Car Accident Lawyer

Our Michigan car accident lawyers recently posted a study done by the American Association for Justice on the "Ten Worst Insurance Companies In America." According to this study, Unum Insurance Company is the second worst auto insurance company a motor vehicle owner can have.

Unum has a history of denying and dealying claims, in which former Unum employees say that they were ordered to deny claims in order to meet cost-savings goals. In fact, in 2003, then CEO of Unum was forced out of his position due to much controversy over Unum's claims-handling policies. In more recent years, Unum still has a reputation for unfairly denying and delaying claims. An investigation was done on Unum and it was found that Unum was systematically violating state insurance regulations and fraudulently denied claims using fake medical reports and biased investigations, for example.

Our Michigan no-fault insurance lawyers represent victims of Michigan car accidents against Unum Insurance Company in several types of Personal Injury Protection (PIP) lawsuits. If you or a family member suffer injuries due to an auto accident and you are not receiving benefits, you should contact a lawyer immediately to determine whether or not you are entitled to these benefits. Call our office now at (800) 606-1717 to discuss your case with one of our experienced car accident attorneys.
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