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Two Michigan I-75 Semi-Truck Car Accidents Are Fatal

Two terrible Michigan car accidents occurred on I-75 in Michigan yesterday.  Both involved tractor-trailers.  In the first one, the driver of a semi-truck slammed into vehicles killing a Troy woman and injuring several others.  Police suspect he may have been speeding.  In the second accident, a United Van Lines truck hit several vehicles, including one driven by 19 year old Kara Larivee of Rochester Hills.  She died as a result of the accident.

I am so sorry to hear about these I-75 car accidents. I hope the injured victims have a fast recovery without any permanent damages.

The number of trucking accidents involving sem-tractor trailers seems to be on the rise.  These accidents almost always seem to end with a fatality because a passenger vehicle, even with all of the safety devices, is really no match for these trucks travelling at excessive speeds.  When my firm gets involved in a truck accident lawsuit, we immediately hire investigators to gather witnesses statements and take photographs.  The trucking companies have their investigators out immediately looking for evidence to blame everyone other than the truck driver for the accident and the injured person needs to have someone "on the ground" immediately to protect their rights.

We often even get a subpoena to download the black box of the truck to prove that the driver was travelling too fast and caused the collision.  We also get the trucking company records which often show that the driver was spending an unlawful amount of time on the road between rests, including the truck driver logs that must be kept for each driver.  Winning these cases frequently is the result of an immediate and thorough investigation.

For more information about a fatal I-75 accident, our top rated Buckfire & Buckfire Michigan attorneys recommend you call our firm at (800) 606-1717 immediately after the accident to discuss your case and learn your legal rights.

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