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Tuscola County Car Accident

A Tuscola County car accident has resulted in the death of a woman.  The woman was struck by a car on Bray Road north of Willard Road in Arbela Township.  The accident occurred at about 6 pm on November 24, 2008 and there were several neighborhood witnesses. 

I am very sorry that this accident occurred.  The news report indicated that the woman was in her mid to late thirties when she died.  She should have had her whole life ahead of her.  My sympathies go out to her family for their loss.

In an accident like this, the family should probably do two things as soon as they reasonably can.  First, they should submit a claim for No Fault insurance survivor benefits.  This will provide them with a payment for part of the funeral.  It will also provide payments for loss of financial support and loss of household services, which are her wages or income and the value of household chores she performed, respectively.  Survivor loss benefits can provide near-immediate assistance to a family, especially one facing the loss of income of a working parent or of a homemaker who took care of the house so others did not have to.

The second thing the family should do is to speak with a lawyer about filing a lawsuit for wrongful death.  This could allow them to collect damages for their pain and for loss of companionship of this woman.  It would also allow them to collect damages beyond what is allowed by their No Fault company.  In fact, a lawyer can help assemble all the documents for a survivor loss claims as well to ensure they get all the benefits they are entitled to.

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