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Truck Accidents & Michigan Truck Accident Lawyers

It is essential for truck accident injury victims to find the right lawyer for their case.  Many lawyers who handle car accident cases advertise for truck accident cases, but it should be buyer beware.  Truck accident lawsuits are an entirely different type of case and only lawyers with extensive knowledge and experience should take on these cases.  Choosing the right truck accident lawyer is often the difference between winning a major settlement or receiving nothing at all.

Experienced Michigan truck accident lawyers will:

1.  Hire an investigator immediately after the accident to take photographs and eyewitness statements

2.  Hire an accident reconstruction expert to photograph all vehicles, take measurements of damage to the vehicles, download black box data devices in the vehicles, inspect the roadways and streets, and measure skid marks and yaw marks.

3.  Do an extensive search on the trucking company and its history of other accidents.

4.  Investigate the truck driver, including a history of prior accidents and even medications that were taken to see if it affected the ability to drive

5.  Obtain trucking company records, including driver log sheets, to see how much time the trucker had spent on the road.  This often can be used to show driver fatigue.

6.  Hire a truck inspector or engineer to inspect the truck to make sure that it was properly maintained with no defects.  Also, review truck maintenance logs and reports for potential problems

There are a number of other things that many car accident lawyers simply do not do and it is often too late once the file gets in the hands of an experienced Michigan truck accident lawyer.  For more information, call our firm at (800) 606-1717 to speak with a lawyer who will help you win your case.

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