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Truck Accident Settlement - Detroit Truck Accident - Brain Injury

We settled a Detroit truck accident lawsuit for a client who suffered serious injuries in a truck accident.  Our client was an innocent motorist who was struck by a semi tractor-trailer truck on I-94 just outside of the City of Detroit.  She suffered serious injuries in the accident, including a traumatic brain injury.  Due to her injuries, she has been unable to return to work.

The trucking company denied liability for the accident and we filed a lawsuit in the Wayne County Circuit Court for our client.  The trucking company lawyers argued everything possible to deny responsibility, including an argument that the truck never hit our client's vehicle.  Our accident reconstruction expert took a paint sample off of our client's car and it matched the paint  on the truck.  Eyewitnesses were also located to establish that the truck driver caused the accident.

After disproving all of the truck company defenses, the insurance company paid our client a truck accident settlement of $1,800,000.  The case was settled before going to trial.

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