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Trip & Fall Settlement | Michigan Child Injury Lawyer

Our Michigan trip and fall injury lawyers recently settled a case for a ten year old girl who fell due to an unsecured electrical cable in a school auditorium.   She was in the auditorium at the Walled Lake Western High School for an event and tripped over the cable while walking down the steps to her seat.  The cable was loose and extended across the step.  Due to the poor lighting in the room, she was unable to see the cord and it caused her to trip and fall forward.  She suffered injuries to her face, including a permanent facial scar.

Many children spend a great part of their day in day care or in school. Parent’s put a great deal of trust in these facilities to provide proper supervision and safe environments for their children. When a child is injured in one of these settings, there are several potential legal claims that can be pursued depending on the nature of the injury and they type of accident.

Possible legal claims for these types of child injuries include failure to provide proper supervision, the failure to provide safe premises, and the failure to keep the child away from dangerous items.

Parents of children who suffer injuries due to an accident do have legal rights. Call our office now at (800) 606-1717 to discuss your case with one of child injury lawyers in Michigan.
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