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The Best Lawyer For Chinese Drywall Lawsuits

A huge problem that continues to grow in many Southeastern states, like Florida, Lousiana, and Virginia involves defective Chinese drywall that was used to build new homes about a decade ago.  Everything seemed fine for awhile, but now homeowners are discovering that there homes smell like "rotten eggs" and it will not go away.  They are also having huge problems with the mechanical items in their home starting to corrode.  These all are from the Chinese drywall and homeowner's are looking for solutions to this problem.

The problem is that the cost to repair these damaged items and remove the drywall is significant and can run into several hundred thousand dollars or more.  The question is, Who is going to pay for it?  Homeowners in this strapped economy simply cannot afford to pour more money into their home, especially when the housing market is struggling.  It appears the only way to obtain the funds to repair this problem is through litigation against builders, contractors, and maybe even the companies that made the drywall.

Several law firms are promoting their services for these cases and choosing the right lawyer is the most important decision a homeowner will make regarding their drywall problem.  I am in Michigan we do not have the problem here and as you would suspect, my firm is not handling these cases.  I am familiar with several firms handling drywall cases and in my opinion, Virginia attorney Richard Serpe is the best lawyer in the United States for this type of claim. 

Mr. Serpe is a top notch trial lawyer with a reputation for tremendous skill and integrity.  He is very selective in the cases and clients that he chooses to represent, so if he agrees to take your case you are very fortunate.  To prove and win his cases, he hires the best inspectors, engineers, and experts in the country.  If your home has a problem with this issue, I strongly suggest that you visit Mr. Serpe's website on Chinese Drwyall claims.
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