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St. Clair Shores Car Accident

A tragic St. Clair Shores car accident has claimed the life of one teenager and seriously injured another.  Holly Hofbauer died as a result of a car accident on February 7.  The accident occurred on I-94 near 9 Mile Road when Holly's sister Jackie Hofbauer lost control of her vehicle and rolled over several times.  Jackie was in ICU, but was doing better as of several days after the accident.  A third passenger suffered minor injuries. 

I am very sorry that this accident occurred.  It is a real tragedy that victims so young had to suffer this.  I want to extend my condolences to the Hofbauer family and express my hope that Jackie Hofbauer is able to make a full recovery.

When teenagers are involved in car accidents, many people do not know how to handle the situation.  They may have questions about what type of benefits their child is eligible to receive and about whether their child is covered under the parents' insurance.  In Michigan, a child can submit a claim for No Fault insurance benefits through his or her parents' policy as long as the child lives with the insured parent.

The family should submit a No Fault survivor loss claim for Holly Hofbauer.  This will help them pay for some immediate costs, like funeral expenses, and for other costs like loss of household services, basically chores Holly used to perform around the house.

The family should also submit a No Fault claim for Jackie.  No Fault insurance will pay for all reasonable and necessary medical expenses, including current hospital bills and follow-up treatment.  No Fault insurance will also pay for loss of household services, attendant care if any is required, a case manager, and other benefits.

Finally, as odd as it may sound, the family may also want to consider filing a lawsuit on Holly's behalf against Jackie.  This lawsuit would be defended by and paid for by the insurance company, and it would allow them to collect damages for wrongful death.  They should talk with a lawyer about this possibility before deciding whether or not this is something they want to do.  They could also talk to a lawyer about getting help with filing their No Fault claim.

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