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Slip and Fall Accidents on Black Ice in Michigan - Personal Injury Lawyers

With the temperatures rapidly dropping in Michigan, we will soon see daily areas of snow and ice on sidewalks, parking lots, and driveways.  Icy conditions present a substantial hazard to pedestrians and the injuries suffered in slip and fall accidents on ice are often significant.  These often include fractured hips, knee injuries, broken ankles, and fracture arms and elbows.

A major culprit of these injuries is "black ice," an almost clear and invisible thin sheet of ice on a concrete or paved surface.  Black ice is extremely dangerous because the injury victim never sees it until after the fall.  In Michigan, property owners have the legal duty to take reasonable measures to clear snow and ice off pedestrian walkways and parking lots.  This includes the duty to apply salt to areas with black ice or where black ice frequently accumulates. 

The failure to take these actions can give rise to a Michigan slip and fall accident lawsuit.  In those cases, the victim can seek compensation for their injuries, pain and suffering, and disability.  Claims can also be made for lost wages and medical expenses.  It is essential to choose a lawyer who has successfully won a number of those cases because the legal issues in those cases can be tricky.  For more information on your rights after  slip and fall injury on ice, call our office at (800) 606-1717.
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