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Shelby Township Car Accident Lawyers Help Victim Seriously Hurt

A lawsuit was recently filed by our Shelby Township car accident lawyers in the Macomb County Circuit Court.  The case arises out of an automobile accident in which our client suffered several serious injuries after a negligent driver turned in front of his vehicle.  The collision took place at the intersection of Van Dyke Ave and 21 Mile Road.

Immediately after the car accident, our client was taken by EMS ambulance to the nearest Henry Ford Hospital where he was diagnosed with multiple orthopedic injuries and a closed head injury.  He also sustained severe 2nd degree burns to his arm and abdomen from coffee that splashed onto his body.  The scarring from the burns is permanent.

In addition to his injuries, our client’s vehicle was severely damages and was determined to be a total loss.

The Shelby Township car accident lawsuit was filed against the at-fault driver of the vehicle involved in the crash.  It seeks damages for the pain and suffering, and disability. No trial date has been set by the Macomb County Circuit Court.

Similar to this case, drivers who turn in front of another vehicle and cause a collision are almost always considered at fault.  Under Michigan law, a car making a left turn must wait until it can safely complete the turn before moving in front of oncoming traffic.  In addition, damage that occurred to the car hit makes it very difficult for the driver to argue that the crash took place in some other way.

Whatever the cause of the collision may be, if you or someone you know suffers injuries as a result of another vehicle turning in front of your automobile or failing to yield at an intersection in the State of Michigan you do have legal rights and may be able to pursue a lawsuit against the negligent driver.  For more information on how to file a claim and to speak with one of our top rated Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. car accident lawyers, call our office today at (800) 606-1717.  We will discuss your case with you and help you understand what legal rights are available to you.  The case review is free and there is no obligation! Call now and find out if you have a claim. There are strict statute of limitations for filing a claim so it is important you do not wait to consult with our attorneys as your case may be barred forever if a deadline is missed.

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