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School Bus Accident Lawsuit Filed for Injured Student

Our bus accident attorneys recently filed a lawsuit against the West Bloomfield School District on behalf of a student who suffered serious injuries in a school bus accident.  The accident occurred on January 25, 2010 shortly after the student was picked up at the bus stop.  The bus driver, who was also named in the lawsuit, entered into an intersection without yielding to oncoming traffic and caused the crash.  The student fell forward and struck his face on the back of another seat and suffered serious injuries.

The lawsuit alleges that the school bus driver failed to obey traffic signals and failed to yield to oncoming traffic.  The claims allege negligent driving and gross negligence against the bus driver.  Because this incident involved out the operation of a motor vehicle, the school district is not entitled to governmental immunity under Michigan laws.

The student suffered serious injuries to his face and jaw and underwent surgery for the condition.   He required extensive treatment from oral surgeons and other dental specialists for his accident related injuries.  The suit seeks compensation for his pain and suffering and other non-economic damages caused by the accident.  No trial date has been set by the court.

Although school bus transportation is usually safe, there are a substantial number of accidents every year.  Students injured in school bus accidents are entitled to Michigan No-Fault Insurance benefits to pay their medical bills and expenses.  In addition, if a child is seriously injured, a family member is entitled to be paid attendant care service benefits to care for the injured child during the period of recovery. 

There are many complexities involved in these types of claims, therefore if you have a case it is important that you contact one of our top rated injury attorneys today at (800) 606-1717 for a free, no obligation case review.

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