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Pit Bull Attacks | Michigan Dog Bite Lawyers

Pit bull attacks can be devastating on the victims.  The Michigan dog bite lawyers at my office represent  victims of dog bites and attacks and some of the worst injuries result from pit bull attacks.  Many pit bull owners are surprised by this because they often describe their dogs as friendly and gentle.  However, the government statistics on dog bites do not bear this out.

The Center for Disease Control concluded that pit bulls are the breed of dog most often associated with a fatal dog attack.  In a ten year period. pit bulls were involved in over 20% of fatal dog attacks.  Other non-fatal injuries are often severe and catastrophic.

Owners of pit bulls must fully understand the disposition of their dogs before letting them out in public or around children.  Pit bulls raised properly by caring owners are often great, friendly pets.  Dog owners should check their homeowners insurance policy to see if there is liability coverage for the dog owner in the event of an attack.  Many insurance companies are specifically excluding certain breeds of dogs, like pit bulls, from coverage under the policy.  This means that there would be no insurance coverage to protect a pit bull owner in a civil lawsuit by an attack victim
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