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Peanut Butter Salmonella Update | Michigan Food Poisoning Lawyers

The recent Salmonella outbreak from Peanut Corp. of America peanut butter has led to a growing list of recalled products.  The Salmonella infected peanut butter is so far confined to peanut butter that is sold to large institutions such as nursing homes and, of growing importance, food manufacturers.  The peanut butter that a grocery store sells to individual consumers has so far been unaffected by the recall and no cases of Salmonella have been traced to individual containers.

Multiple Salmonella strains have been isolated at Peanut Corp.'s plant in Blakely, Georgia.  So far, no other plants have been implicated in the Salmonella outbreak and the Blakely plant has been closed.  However, the outbreak has already infected hundreds of people in 43 States and Canada, and several people have actually died from the Salmonella.

Furthermore, the strains that have been isolated are NOT the same strain as the one that has been infecting people.  People who have been infected with this Salmonella strain should strongly consider contacting an attorney to discuss suing Peanut Corp. and any other party responsible for the outbreak because it is very clear that Peanut Corp. has acted improperly.

A full list of products that have been recalled is available at the FDA's Recalled Peanut Butter Products page.  As stated, individual jars sold to consumers have so far not been affected.
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