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Olive Township Car Accident

An Olive Township car accident has left two people with injuries.  The accident occurred on December 3, 2008 at the intersection of 104th Avenue and Stanton Street when Brandon Clapp, 17, of Zeeland failed to stop at a stop sign and struck a Jeep driven by Coral Kruithoff, 21, of West Olive.  Both were hospitalized for their injuries.

I am very sorry this accident occurred, especially because the two people involved are so young.  I hope they are able to have a full and speedy recovery.

My law firm represents people injured in car accidents.  Both Brandon Clapp and Coral Kruithoff should submit a claim for Michigan No Fault benefits.  No Fault insurance will pay for all of their medical expenses and a variety of other benefits.  If they miss work, No Fault insurance will pay a portion of their wage loss.  If they cannot perform chores around the house because of their injuries, No Fault insurance will pay for household replacement services.  If they require supervision or care after they are released from the hospital, No Fault insurance will pay for attendant care benefits.

In addition to these and other benefits, the driver who is free from fault in an accident may be able to sue the driver who caused the accident if his or her injuries are severe.  In this accident, it seems likely that a jury would conclude Brandon Clapp caused the accident by failing to stop.  If Coral Kruithoff's injuries are severe enough to meet the threshold under Michigan law, she could sue Brandon Clapp for additional damages not allowed by the Michigan No Fault Act.

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