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Ogemaw County Truck Accident | Ann Arbor Truck Accident Lawyers

A young boy was killed and several members of his family injured in an Ogemaw County truck accident.  The accident occurred near Rose City on November 24, 2008 when icy roads on M-33 caused the father of the family to lose control of his vehicle and slide into the next lane.  A semi truck hit the vehicle broadside.  The 10-year old boy was killed, his 6-year old sister and their father are in serious condition, and the mother and a third child were treated for less severe injuries.  The family was returning from a church retreat to their home in Ann Arbor.

This accident is a true tragedy, especially because of what has happened to the family's children.  I want to extend my sympathies to this family.

In an accident like this, the family should speak with a lawyer as soon as possible.  That way they can get help submitting claims to their No Fault insurance company to get the father and daughter's medical expenses paid, to get survivor loss benefits for the boy, and to get lost wages to maintain their standard of living.  The quicker they submit these claims, the sooner they will be able to get their high medical bills, funeral, and other expenses paid for.

In addition, a lawyer could investigate this accident and help determine who was at fault for the accident.  Although the family will be able to collect No Fault benefits regardless of fault, they may be able to sue the truck driver or his employer for additional damages since their son died and it is likely that the father and daughter are seriously hurt.  This lawsuit would be one for negligence so they could only bring it if it is determined they were not at fault in the accident.

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