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Oakland County’s Executive Demands No Change In Michigan’s Auto No-Fault Insurance System

Oakland County’s Executive, L. Brooks Patterson, recently stated that there is no need to change Michigan's Auto No-fault insurance law system. Citizens have already voted twice to maintain the country's best coverage for auto accident victims. However, it is being said that one of Governor Snyder priorities is to change the current auto no-fault law mentioning that the current system is not acceptable.  Also, Kevin Clinton, Michigan’s Insurance Commissioner, has stated that he would like to do away with the Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association (MCCA) claiming that “there are a lot of abuses, a lot of fraud."  While Patterson disagrees and believes that this type of change will be extremely harmful to our economy, the hospital system in the State of Michigan and the injured survivors left with catastrophic injuries.

Currently Michigan’s Auto No-Fault Law:

  • Is paid for by drivers for the protection of drivers
  • Provides restored quality of life to accident victims
  • Limits costly Tort lawsuits and court docket volume
  • Has been overwhelmingly supported by Michigan voters on multiple occasions
  • Provides the best possible care for people injured in an auto accident
  • Is responsible for at least 10,000 jobs in Oakland County alone that are directly or indirectly tied to caring for people with catastrophic auto injuries

Our current system is working and any attempts to change the current law could result in damage to Michigan’s economy, shift millions of dollars of cost from private insurance to Medicaid and destroy the livelihood of Michigan’s terribly injured auto accident victims.

Many of our elected officials seem to embrace the idea that Michigan’s personal injury protection insurance only needs to be marginally better than other states. Patterson states a study needs to be conducted.  First, collect data, based on the presented data, define what the root cause of a problem is and go from there. This is an issue that will affect Michigan’s injured, and result in consequential shift to Medicaid as well as have a financial impact on our economy, private health insurance and the hospital systems.

For more information regarding the letter written by Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson visit

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