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Dog Bite Injury Lawsuit Filed in Oakland County, Michigan

oakland county dog bite lawyersOur client was attacked and bitten on her right hand while visiting a neighbor’s home in Holly, Michigan.  The neighbor’s Labrador retriever mix dog weighed approximately 100 pounds.  The dog mauled our clients hand as she went to pet the dog.  Our client did nothing to provoke the attack.  Our client was seventeen years old on the day of the attack.  The owner of the dog had just left the home to run an errand when the attack occurred.

Our clients hand was severely bitten and resulted in a fracture of the ulnar styloid bone near her wrist.  Stiches were required to close wounds on the top and bottom of her hand.  Our client sustained an elbow and shoulder injury when the dog violently shook our clients hand and arm while attacking her.  There is permanent scarring and nerve damage.

The attack was investigated by the Oakland County animal control and Oakland County Sheriff Department. The dog was quarantined for 10 days by the Oakland County Animal Control Department. 

The dog bite lawsuit was filed in the Oakland County Circuit Court. The lawsuit seeks compensation for pain and suffering, fright and shock, scarring and disfigurement, and payment of medical expenses.  The homeowner’s insurance company for the dog owner is expected to pay the victim a substantial settlement.  No date has been set for a trial in this matter.

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