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Novi Nursing Home Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed

Our nursing home neglect lawyers recently filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the Whitehall Healthcare Center of Novi skilled nursing care facility.  The suit arises out of the death of a resident who was ventilator dependent due to her medical condition.  As such, she required a tracheal tube at all times.  The resident had a noted history of attempts to pull out her tracheal tube and was successful on several occasions, but fortunately did not suffer any injury or harm in those instances.  

To prevent her from pulling out her tracheal tube or “decannulating,” the attending physician wrote an order for a safety mitt to be worn on her dominant hand.  This mitt makes it difficult for the patient to grasp and prevents self-removal of the tracheal tube.  However, the resident was able to remove her glove on a few occasions and then pull out the tube.   Despite this happening, the nursing staff neglected to inform the doctor to seek orders for an additional restraint or a one on one sitter to prevent decannulation.    As result, the resident was able to successfully remove the tube one final time and suffered a lack of oxygen which caused her death. 

The lawsuit was filed in the Oakland County Circuit Court and seeks all damages permissible under the Michigan Wrongful Death Statute.  These include claims for her conscious suffering prior to her death, loss of society and companionship from her children, and payment of funeral and burial expenses.  No trial date has been set by the court.

For more information on nursing home neglect lawsuits and how a claim is brought under the Michigan Wrongful Death Statute, call our law firm office today at (800) 606-1717.  Our experienced and qualified nursing home neglect lawyers have significant experience in these types of cases and will provide you with sound legal advice to your questions and concerns.  

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