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Northfield Township Car Accident

A Northfield Township car accident has left a South Lyon woman dead after shutting down North Territorial Road for hours on Wednesday.  An elderly South Lyon couple were apparently lost and turned their vehicle onto Beverly Lane to turn around.  The accident occurred when the driver pulled his vehicle out too far into the path of a pickup truck traveling down North Territorial.  Both were taken to Ann Arbor area hospitals.  The wife died later that evening while her husband remains in critical, but stable, condition.

This is very tragic and I have nothing but sympathy for this family.  I hope that the man is able to recover from his injuries.

My law firm represents people injured in car accidents, and I can tell you this situation is more common than one might think.  The family of this couple should file a claim for No Fault insurance which will cover all the hospital bills and other medical expenses.  In addition, the survivor loss portion of the No Fault claim will give a payment to cover a portion of the funeral costs for the deceased.  Other benefits may also be available.  Finally, the family should seriously consider suing the at-fault driver for wrongful death on behalf of the deceased.  Although the news reports made it sound like her husband was at fault, a full description of the accident, including the police report would be needed to make this determination.  Even if the at-fault driver is determined to be her husband, the wife's estate still has a valid claim because of the driver-passenger relationship.  Although it may be awkward for a child or grandchild to sue a family member, this situation is quite common and I always remind my clients that the lawsuit is really against the insurance company.  Of course, the decision to sue belongs to the client, not the lawyer.

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