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Norovirus and The Canterbury Castle Banquet Center

The Oakland County Health Department is investigating a possible Norovirus food poisoning outbreak at the Canterbury Castle Banquet Center in Lake Orion, Michigan.  Three separate events with over 500 people had meals at the restaurant just over a week ago.  Many have called in with reports of sickness and symptoms consistent with the norovirus.

As a food poisoning lawyer who has handled many norovirus food poisoning cases, I  can tell you that the symptoms described by clients with the Norovirus are severe.  Many people with the Norovirus suffer at home for days and others are actually admitted to the hospital for testing due to severe abdmominal pain, vomiting, and other symptoms. 

It is unknown whether there will be any litigation for this outbreak and it will not be known until the investigation is completed.  Determining the source and cause of the Norovirus presents and interesting challenge to health department officials and they do this through inspections of the facility, interviews with employees and guests, written interview forms, and a detailed analysis of medical records.  Those sickened with the Norovirus who were guests at the facility should contact a lawyer to discuss their legal rights.
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