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No-Fault Insurance Lawsuit Filed Against Allstate Insurance in Michigan

Our White Lake car accident lawyers recently filed a 1st party Michigan No-Fault lawsuit for a client in the Wayne County Circuit Court against Allstate Insurance Company.  The case arises out of a single car motor vehicle accident that occurred Union Lake Road in White Lake Township on March 23, 2011.  The client was a passenger in a vehicle that lost control, causing the vehicle to rollover.

The client suffered a traumatic brain injury which was characterized by posttraumatic hemorrhage, headaches and dizziness.  A CT scan at the hospital revealed a subarachnoid hemorrhage in the client’s left frontal area of her brain.  The client also suffered a compression fracture of her lower back at L1 and developed kyphosis as result. Kyphosis is the extreme curvature of the upper back also known as a hunchback. In addition to the lower back fracture, the client suffered a manubrium fracture of her sternum.  Sternal fractures are often seen in association with deceleration injuries and/or direct blows to the chest, and they occur in approximately 3% of patients suffering blunt chest trauma, such as in motor vehicle accidents, which account for the majority of sternal fractures.

The lawsuit was filed to protect against the one-year-back rule and the fact that it was determines that Medicare paid some of the bills that Allstate should have.  If a Michigan No-Fault carrier, such as Allstate, ever denies payment for any of an injured victim’s No-Fault benefits, then the injured victim only has one year from the last allowable expense to bring a lawsuit.  Even an insurance company simply fails to pay the same is true.  Failure to file a lawsuit within that one year (1) period, will result in a reduction or elimination of the benefits that can be obtained through litigation dating back one (1) year from the date that the lawsuit is filed.  Therefore, if your Michigan No-Fault insurance company should deny a benefit, or fail to pay the same without a formal denial, then you should contact our office immediately to speak with one of our top rated car accident and injury lawyers.

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