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No Fault Insurance Laws Explained By Michigan Car Accident Attorney

Michigan car accident lawyers always talk about the No-Fault insurance laws, but what does the phrase “No-Fault” mean anyways?

Most of you have heard the phrase “No-Fault” but do not realize what it means or how it affects you if involved in a serious car accident. You are not alone.

Basically, it means that you can get insurance benefits regardless of whether you or someone else was at fault in the accident. That’s right! You are entitled to insurance benefits even if you were at fault in the Michigan car accident.

Generally, when you are involved in a car accident in Michigan, there are three types of insurance claims. These claims are explained in further detail by car accident lawyer, Lawrence J. Buckfire in “The Ultimate Michigan Car Accident Handbook”, but they are classified as:

1. Car repairs and damages
(Payment for repairs to your vehicle)

2. Bodily injury claims
(Payment for your personal injuries)

3. No-fault insurance benefits
(Payment for wage loss, medical expenses, etc.)

Since Michigan is a no-fault state, you are required to make claims against your own insurance company for car repairs and no-fault benefits. Michigan law also allows you to make a claim against the driver and owner of the car who was at fault in the accident if you suffered personal injuries, such as pain and suffering and for any visible scars or disfigurements. These are called bodily injury claims.

The book teaches you how to make these claims and will answer many of your common questions. Of course, there may be some questions that were not answered in this book. You can always call (800) 606-1717 to speak with one of our top rated Michigan car accident lawyers about your rights after being involved in an auto accident or simply fill out the orange Get Help Now Form to the right of this page and "Click to Send."  An experienced attorney will get back to you shortly and explain the no-fault law and how it will affect you after your serious crash.

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