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New seat belt Rules for Small Buses | Michigan Bus Accident Lawyers

I read a story about the new seat belt rules for small buses that were announced by the Bush administration last week.  Under the new Department of Transportation regulations, smaller buses, which usually transport young children with special needs, will be required to feature lap and shoulder harness seat belts or booster seats combined with seat belts.  The rules also provide larger buses be equipped with higher-backed seats, to prevent a child from being pushed forward in the event of an accident.  The move comes at a time when buses have already begun adding more padding to avoid injuries during an accident.

This is a good move because when accidents occur on school buses, they are often more severe than corresponding accidents in personal vehicles like cars.  The reason is that buses are often not equipped with seat belts and other safety features like padding.  Hopefully these rules will result in fewer children injured in car accidents.  If a child is injured in an accident, it is important to know that Michigan No Fault benefits are available and the child's family may be able to pursue a lawsuit against the negligent driver or the bus company or both.  The best way to determine what options are available to someone who has been injured in a car accident or a bus accident would be to consult with an experienced Michigan bus accident attorney.

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