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Muskegon County Car Accident

A Muskegon County car accident has resulted in the death of a man on February 23, 2009.  The accident occurred as a woman attempted to turn left into the Your Bar parking lot on East Apple Avenue near Wolf Lake Road.  Instead, she turned into a car, killing one passenger and injuring another.  It is not clear why she turned into the car, but the accident remains under investigation.

I am very sorry this accident occurred.  I want to express my sympathies to the family of the deceased man and to express my sincere wish that the injured passenger fully recover.

The legal consequences of this accident are very straightforward.  The injured passenger and the family of the deceased man may submit claims to their car insurance companies for Michigan No Fault benefits.  No Fault insurance will cover all medical expenses, household services, and a portion of wage loss for up to three years.  For the deceased, a No Fault survivor loss claim would also provide money for the funeral.

The family of the deceased is also able to file a lawsuit against the driver that caused the accident.  This lawsuit is for wrongful death.  The injured passenger may also be able to file a lawsuit but only if his injuries are very serious.  He should discuss his injuries with a lawyer to see if they are severe enough for him to file a lawsuit.
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