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Motorcycle Attorney Settles Oakland County Lawsuit

Our Michigan motorcycle attorneys recently settled a claim on behalf of a husband and wife injured while riding as operator and passenger on their bike.  Both of our clients were riding North on Harma Road in Oakland County when the motorcycle accident occurred. They were slowing down in an attempt to make a left turn onto Obenhoff Road when a negligent driver travelling behind them illegally attempted to pass their bike on the left.  The negligent driver was also riding a bike. In the process of trying to pass to the left, the driver hit our client’s motorcycle.

The bike passenger suffered a right sacral fracture, a sprained left ankle, and left elbow contusions and abrasions. She was treated conservatively and missed approximately three months of work.

Our client operating the motorcycle sustained a lower back strain and knee pain. He treated with limited physical therapy and muscle relaxers.

The case also presented a significant issue of comparative negligence on the part of our client who was operating the motorcycle, as the Defendant alleged that our client overshot the turn and was making an improper U-turn at the time of the accident.

In a motorcycle versus motorcycle accident in Michigan, the No-Fault Act does not apply since there is no involvement with a motor vehicle in the accident.  Therefore, in this particular lawsuit the injured motorcyclists are allowed to claim both economic and non-economic loss as damages in a claim against the at-fault motorcyclist.

As a result of negotiations between our motorcycle attorney and the insurer of the Defendant motorcyclist, a confidential settlement was reached on behalf of our clients. 

Those injured in a Michigan motorcycle accident should contact our attorneys immediately to discuss their case.  Even if the case involved another motorcyclist, victims still have rights and may be able to collect compensation for their pain and suffering.

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