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Motorcycle Accident Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed

Our Michigan motorcycle accident lawyers recently filed a wrongful death lawsuit for a client in the Wayne County Circuit Court.  The case arises out of a Detroit motorcycle accident with a motor vehicle accident that occurred in the city of Detroit.  The client was the operator of a motorcycle, when a motor vehicle negligently took a left hand turn in front of him.  The motorcyclist struck the passenger side of the car causing fatal injuries.   

The biker suffered from multiple injuries that lead to his death. The motorcyclist left behind a daughter and his fiancé.

It is believe that the automobile that was involved in the accident did not have any insurance as the policy number listed on the police report was not a valid policy number for the listed insurance company.  Unfortunately, the motorcyclist did NOT have uninsured or underinsured insurance coverage on his motorcycle and if it turns out that there was no coverage on the motor vehicle, then the family may collect nothing as a result of his death.  Our law firm is working hard to obtain a settlement for his family.

Did you know that over 90% of Michigan bikers purchase the wrong motorcycle insurance?  This can result in no coverage for lost wages, medical expenses, and other important No-Fault insurance benefits.  It may also prevent a settlement against the negligent driver who causes the accident.  Our lawyer urge all Michigan bikers to read The Michigan Motorcycle Report. The information in this free report will help bikers avoid the biggest mistakes in buying motorcycle insurance and provide a checklist to the insurance coverage that all bikers in Michigan should purchase.  The report is free and the information is priceless.

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