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Mini-Blind Cord Wrongful Death Lawsuit Settlement in Macomb County, MI

Our wrongful death attorneys recently settled a Macomb County wrongful death lawsuit arising out of the tragic death of an infant.  The young child and her family had moved into a Macomb County apartment complex shortly before the incident.   Several sets of mini-blinds were furnished with the rental unit at the time of the signing of the lease.  The vertical blinds in the children’s unit had a loop cord on the end.   The child was discovered tangled up in the cord by her father who was checking on her during a nap.  Emergency attempts to resuscitate the young girl were unsuccessful.

According to the CPSC, corded window coverings are one of the top five hidden hazards in American homes, with infants and children dying each year from accidentally strangling in window cords.  Basic precautions could have been taken by the apartment complex to prevent this death from occurring.  These include cutting the loop at the bottom of the cord, using cord tension devices, or even just replacing the old set of blinds.  A new set of mini-blinds could have been purchased and installed for just ten dollars.           

The wrongful death lawsuit alleged that the apartment complex and management company were negligent for failing to provide a safe unit for the family.  This included the failure to remove the mini-blind cord hazards from the unit before renting it to a family with young children, the failure to eliminate the hazards, and the failure to warn the parents about the mini-blind cord hazards when they moved into the property.  This incident could have been prevented with minimal effort and expense by the complex.

We filed our wrongful death lawsuit in the Macomb County Circuit Court in Mt. Clemens, Michigan.  After extensive discovery, including written interrogatories and numerous depositions, the parties began engaging in settlement discussions.  The parties eventually agreed to a $725,000 settlement this was approved by the trial judge.


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