Michigan Truck Accident Safety Tests | Trucks Fail Side Accident Crash Tests

I recently read an article about truck accident safety tests.  The tests were conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.   The Insurance Institute concluded three popular pickup trucks are less safe than their counterparts of comparable size, weight, and height.  The Chevy Silverado 1500, the Dodge Ram 1500, and the Nissan Titan all received poor marks in side crash tests.

Pickup trucks are generally safer than cars when the impact from a car accident comes from the side.  This is because a car driver's body is in a direct line with the vehicle causing the impact.  A pickup truck driver's body, on the other hand, is usually higher than the direct line of impact.  However, even with the higher sitting area, these three trucks failed to provide additional safety.

These findings prove that truck drivers still need to keep a careful lookout for potential accidents while they are driving.  It is also important to remember that Michigan No Fault insurance benefits and possibly a lawsuit can help compensate an accident victim for injuries caused by a car accident or truck accident.

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