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Michigan Truck Accident Lawyers

Michigan truck accident lawyers are a group of lawyers who are sophistcated in the handling of cases involving truck, semi-trailers, tractor-trailers, 18 wheelers, and other types of trucks.  Because the injuries in these cases are often serious and catastrophic, the damages to the injury victim are often significant.  In addition, the insurance policies for these trucks are often substantial.  In order to win a truck accident case, the lawyer for the injury victim must completely understand the causes of truck accidents, the inner workings of trucking companies, the federal and state trucking regulations, and theories of truck accident reconstruction.

Our Michigan truck accident lawyers have expertise in these important areas.  This has enabled us to obtain significant settlements for our injured clients.  Any truck accident injury victim searching for a lawyer must make sure that the lawyer hired for their case has the expertise in this specialized area of law.  The truck companies and insurance companies hire lawyers and investigators to destroy the most legitimate cases.  Without proper representation, a serious injury victim can go uncompensated.

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