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Michigan Shaken Baby Syndrome Lawsuits - Abusive Head Trauma Prevention

We recently added a Library Page to our website on injuries from Shaken Baby Syndrome, also known as Abusive Head Trauma, and how to prevent them. Each year, many babies suffer serious injuries or die due to violent shaking. Shaking a baby is unsafe because babies have weak neck muscles and a fragile brain.

Some ways to prevent Shaken Baby Syndrome include knowing which actions may harm a baby or cause Shaken Baby Syndrome such as spinning a baby, bouncing a baby, or failing to support a baby's head when holding or playing with him/her. If a baby doesn't stop crying know what to do to make him/her stop. Shaking a baby is not an option. Try gently rocking or walking with him/her or check to see if the baby needs to fed, changed, or made comfortable.

Parents of children do have legal rights and should pursue them if their child suffers from Shaken Baby Syndrome. Contact one of our experienced Michigan child injury lawyers now to discuss your case. Our lawyers will start working on your case immediately, gathering all the evidence necessary to prove and win your case.

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