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Michigan Nursing Home Lawyers

Our Michigan nursing home abuse and neglect lawyers often represent nursing home patients and their families in cases against nursing homes and assisted living facilities in Michigan.  When a person voluntarily moves into a nursing home or the family makes the tough decision to place someone in a nursing home, there is a great deal of trust that the patient will be properly treated and cared for by the staff.  Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

Too often, the patient is neglected and even abused by the nursing home staff.  The nursing home doctors may not be properly monitoring or treating the patient and the nursing home staff may not be following doctor's order or taking care of the basic needs of the patients.  Other cases involve injuries from patient falls, choking injuries, and even patients wandering away from the nursing home. 

In these cases, it is essential to contact our office immediately so that we can begin investigating your case for improper treatment.  It is important for us to obtain the full medical chart and gather as much information quickly to prove the case.  Because many patients simply cannot communicate what happened to them or how they were treated, they rely on you as family members to provide that information to us.  Quite often, things like a history family complaints about care at the facility, are often necessary to prove and win the case.
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