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Michigan Lawyer Wins Ingham County Motorcycle Accident Settlement

Our motorcycle accident lawyers recently settled an Ingham County motorcycle accident claim for a biker injured by car.  The biker suffered a shoulder injury that did not require surgery.  He underwent a course of physical rehabilitation for his injury.  He also suffered minor lacerations and road rash in the accident.

According to the Michigan Traffic Crash Facts, there have been 106 deaths or serious injuries due to a motorcycle crash in Ingham County from 2007-2011. Other alarming statistics include:

  • Ingham County ranks 9th among all Michigan Counties during this time span for the number of persons seriously injured or killed in motorcycle accidents.
  • Ingham County ranks 46th in percentage of all persons killed or seriously injured in a bike accident.
  • 12% of all deaths or serious injuries in Ingham County are accounted for by motorcycle accidents.
  • The average of county rank for percentage of persons killed or seriously injured in Ingham County motorcycle accident is 27.50.

The motorcycle accident claim was settled for $25,000 before a lawsuit was filed in the Ingham County Circuit Court.  Fortunately, the motorcyclist did not suffer more severe injuries in the accident and he was very pleased to receive a settlement.  The driver of the automobile was ticketed by police in the accident.

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