Michigan Knee and Hip Surgery Costs

The Detroit News today has an interesting article on the cost of knee and hip surgeries  and knee and hip replacements at various hospitals in the Metro-Detroit area.  For example, the charge for a hip or knee replacement costs approximately $28,500 at Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, Michigan to $42,653 at Harper Hospital in Detroit, Michigan.

Many of our clients who are injured in Michigan car accidents, Michigan motorcycle accidents, Michigan slip and fall accidents, and other types of traumatic accidents require knee surgeries and hip replacements.  Many times, the medical provider or health insurance company attempt to get repaid the payments they made for the surgeries from the personal injury settlements.  In Michigan car accident and Michigan motorcycle accident cases, quite often the No-Fault Insurance company pays for the procedures.  It is important to note that these costs do not include the follow-up treatment and expensive rehabilitation that often follows the surgery.

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