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Michigan Jet Ski Accidents

The number of jet skis and other personal watercrafts on the Michigan lakes this summer is on the rise.  Unfortunately, these increased numbers also mean an increase in the number of serious jet ski accidents in Michigan. 

A serious jet ski accident was reported yesterday in which a 25 year old Addison man, Kyle Hinkle was injured while jet skiing on Devils Lake with two friends.  He was airlifted to UM Hospital in Ann Arbor with a suspected spinal cord injury. 

This tragic accident highlights the need for increased safety awareness on our lakes and a bigger understanding by the public of the potential for serious accidents on the water.  It seems as though boaters, jet skiers, and others do not appreciate the same dangers on the water as they would on an open Michigan highway.  The injuries from Michigan boat accidents, jet ski accidents, and water ski accidents are often catastrophic and deadly.  The lakes provide great summer fun in Michigan but safety should always be the highest priority.

Those injured in water related accidents do have legal rights and recourse to recover for their injuries.  Boaters, jet skiers, and others using the water and lakes have a legal duty to acted in a safe and reasonable manner.  If they fail to do so and injure another person, the are legally accountable for their actions.  Typically, the negligent person's boat insurance policy or homeowner's insurance policy will pay a settlement the victim.  It is important to contact an experienced boat accident lawyer immediately after the accident to start working on the case.
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