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Michigan Hospital Lawsuit Filed For Patient Death – St. Clair County Medical Malpractice Attorney

Our Michigan attorneys filed a medical negligence lawsuit against a St. Clair County Hospital and general surgeon related to the death of a sixty-five year old patient.  He was survived by his wife and children.  The lawsuit alleges that the hospital nursing staff and surgeon were negligent for their failure to properly diagnose and treat a post-surgery anastomotic leak in the patient.  He had underwent surgery was admitted to the hospital for recovery prior to discharge. 

During his hospital admission, the patient showed signs and symptoms of a post-operative leak which was a medical emergency.  The lawsuit alleges that the surgeon and nursing staff did not recognize the clinical signs of the leak or order necessary testing to determine if there was a leak.  A post-operative surgical leak is a medical emergency and prompt treatment is required.  The patient should have had surgery to repair the leak and to prevent further injury or harm.    Due to the failure to diagnose and treat his deteriorating condition, the patient developed peritonitis, sepsis, and later died when his internal organs shut down.  The lawsuit claims that if the patient had received proper and timely treatment, he would have survived and be alive today.

Our malpractice attorneys filed the lawsuit on behalf of the surviving wife and children of the patient.  We are pursuing the wrongful death lawsuit to recover all damages permissible under Michigan law.  Wrongful death lawsuit damages include the pain and suffering by the patient prior to his death and the loss of his society and companionship suffered by his family as a result of his death.  The lawsuit also seeks damages for the loss of household services and financial support his wife and children have sustained and will continue to sustain as a result of his tragic and untimely death.  No trial date has been set by the court.

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