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Michigan Dog Bite Injury Claim Against Family Member Settles

A dog bite injury claim was recently settled by our Michigan lawyers on behalf of a 38-year old woman who was bitten by her brother’s dog while visiting their home in Lapeer, Michigan.  Our client was in the basement of her brother and sister in law’s home getting some of her items she was storing there when she was attacked by their 110 lb tornjak dog.

The dog was caged in the basement, however due to the dog’s aggressive behavior, the front of the cage collapsed and the dog ran out and bit our client.  She was bitten twice on the left arm, once above the elbow, and once below the elbow.

The bite resulted in serious injuries, leaving our client with two bite holes near her left wrist, two bite holes on the inside of her left arm and above her elbow, as well as residual scarring and swelling. The dog bites did get infected and she was admitted to the McLaren Regional Hospital a week after the attack.

The lawsuit was filed in Lapeer County and settled for $67,500. The lawsuit was filed against the dog owner’s homeowners insurance.

A person bitten by a family member’s dog does have legal rights to sue the relative for the dog bite injuries. This unfortunately can present an uncomfortable situation between two close relatives, however what many do not realize is that when a victim files a dog bite injury claim the dog owner’s homeowner’s insurance company usually pays a settlement to the dog bite victim. Family members do not have to worry about the relative paying a settlement out of their own pockets and insurance rates do not usually increase after this type of settlement.  Therefore, if both relatives act in a civil manner after the attack, they can still maintain their relationship and the victim can get fairly compensated for their dog bite injuries.

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