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Michigan Child Injury Lawyer Publishes Book

I recently authored another legal book for Michigan consumers.  The book, "Little Kids, Big Accidents," is written for parents and guardians of children who have suffered an accident or injury.  It details the most common types of child injuries and accidents and the legal rights that children have to be compensated for their injuries.  It also explains the litigation process from start to finish and discusses what happens with the money an injured child receives from a settlement.

Chapters of the book explain the legal rights of children in car accidents, pedestrian accidents, dog bite cases, medical malpractice cases, and even child abuse cases.  Other chapters discuss recreational injuries, like bicycle accidents, Each chapter discusses the things that parents can do to prevent harm to their child, as well as the legal rights of the child in each type of case.  This is a must read for every parent, guardian, or child health care provider.  I will send a FREE copy to anyone requesting my new child injury book.
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