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Michigan Car Accident Lawyers Ask Does Your Automobile Insurance Policy Include Full Coverage

All too often, car and truck owners buy what they believe to be “full coverage” for their car and truck, only to learn later on that they were not sold the essential coverage necessary to protect themselves or their family members in the event of a serious accident. Because injuries suffered in auto accidents may be catastrophic, it is necessary to review your auto insurance coverage immediately to learn if you are properly protected in the event of an accident.

Our Michigan car accident lawyers offer a free Michigan Auto Insurance Report that teaches you how to purchase the proper insurance coverage. The report discusses the required insurance and the optional insurance coverage a motorist can purchase. Although the coverage is considered “optional,” it should be considered mandatory for every car and truck owner in Michigan. These “optional” insurance coverage protects you, your family members, and passengers in your vehicle in the event of a serious auto accident.  Without these types of coverage, you and family members may be left uncovered and uncompensated for your injuries.

Under Michigan law, your insurance agent does not have to tell you about the insurance coverage available for your car or truck. Simply asking for “full coverage” does not mean that you are fully covered.  It is your responsibility to ask for and purchase the insurance coverage options.   If you have not already done so, you should download this essential report today at

Victims of auto accidents do have legal rights. Individuals injured in a Michigan auto accident should contact the car accident lawyers at Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. to discuss their case. Call our office now at (800) 606-1717.

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